Pure Canopy Woman Grown Coffee


1. Cultivation and Harvesting

2. Blending and Testing

3. Production and Shipping

3. Customer Service

What Sets Us Apart

"The Pure Canopy team, led by my husband and I, have decades of experience in both the mountains of Colombia and also with fulfillment, production and branding. 

Our personal relationships with origin producers including women coffee farmers ensures the finest coffee from amazing farmers who deserve and need our help and support. 

The team also includes fundraising professionals who understand your needs and challenges. You will not find another combination of experience, compassion and work ethic as can be found in the family teams at Pure Canopy Coffee and Tea. We will work tirelessly to delivery an amazing program to your supporters." Natalia  -

Our Mission:

Inspired Coffee Lifting up Women Farmers

Our mission is to offer hope and empower those in need through the roasting of delicious coffee. All this can be done from a great cup of coffee! 

We strive to enhance your supporter's experience with your organization and encourage them to be an outlet of hope for others through their existing daily habit of drinking coffee in their homes and offices.