Family Company and Farms

We source coffee from our farms, from our neighbors’ farms, and from our friends’ farms. We know these mountains; they are our mountains. Our family has lived here for generations.

Join us in sharing values of family and prosperity here and at home. We work with the Rainforest Trust to protect real rainforest when you purchase our Pure Canopy products.

Custom Blended

We have three "art and science" coffee labs from which we test and create each exclusive blend. Our coffee masters have nearly 100 years of combined experience. They pour that experience into each special blend.

Each final offering is the result of hundreds of hours of testing and experimentation until it is perfect and ready for your cup.

Hand-Picked at Elevation

We hand-pick this beautifully curated coffee from our own property in the mountains as well as from the surrounding farms of our friends and family. We only pick what is ripe.

We never use machinery for harvesting and we dry our coffee naturally, by hand, in the warm sun and cool mountain air.

Always Fresh

We have been roasting coffee for generations. We roast each small batch of Pure Canopy individually to ensure the peak of freshness and flavor. We start with beans fresh from the field. Something nearly no other roaster can say.

You will know it when you take your first sip, this is special Colombian coffee! Enjoy the perfect cup of coffee with Pure Canopy.

Our Brands

We offer two wonderful brands of coffee, each with their own unique style and flavors. Geek Grind Coffee brand celebrates the imagination and passion we all have for storytelling, artwork and imagination. Pure Canopy Coffee allows your direct purchase to protect real endangered rainforests and protect them forever in a trust program. We work closely with our partners The Rainforest Trust.

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Our Farms

When enjoying El Parche coffee in our locations or purchasing to have Geek Grind or Pure Canopy coffee shipped fresh to you, you are also purchasing coffee directly from the growers and producer. There are no middlemen; only exclusive access and amazing coffee. El Parche provides every aspect of boutique gourmet coffee sourcing, roasting and deliver all while serving the planet around us and giving back. We are El Parche and we are your trusted source for coffee and all that it delivers.


Our Coffee

Our family has been in the coffee cultivation and management world for over 50 years. We have our own farms and we source from both those farms and our neighbors. We are a mixed US and Colombian family who loves coffee and loves the environment. We grow our plants from small seeds and plant them on the mountainside. We work very hard everyday to bring you simply the finest coffee available all while lifting up families at origin who work so hard to deliver amazing coffee.



Your Pure Canopy Coffee purchase saves rainforests right here:

Huge Single-Purchase Impact!

Every Pure Canopy Coffee package you buy to save rainforest acreage will be matched through Rainforest Trusts "SAVES" Challenge and another generous donor.

Your gift will have DOUBLE the impact! You save 1 acre and together we save 2 acres with every bag purchased!!

Rainforest Trust and local partner Center for the Development of Indigenous Amazon seek $4,656,096 to title 220 communities covering more than six million acres in order to legally protect indigenous lands.

It is crucial to close the unprotected gaps between indigenous territories to prevent colonists and industries from negatively affecting the integrity of the ecosystems. In addition to granting communities the rights to their land, this will provide protection for Endangered species such as the White-bellied Spider Monkey, Giant Otter and Black-faced Black Spider Monkey.

Your support of this coffee and the geneous matching donations from other supporters will make sure this happens!

Amazonia is the world’s largest tropical forest and spans nine countries in South America. After Brazil, Peru has the greatest extension of this biome which represents more than half of the surface of the country.

The Loreto and Ucayali Regions are the two largest Amazon regions in Peru and are traditionally occupied and protected by indigenous groups. Unfortunately, hundreds of indigenous communities have no recognized ownership rights and their lands are under tremendous pressure from logging, agro-industries and colonists.

Without the titles to their territories, native communities have no legal instrument to defend these lands from activities like logging and agricultural expansion.

Travel With Us To The Rainforest..