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Thank you for your trust and confidence in working with our exciting fundraising program. This is a program that is designed to raise funds for your organization's goals not just a few weeks or one month per year, but every day of the year. It is designed to grow over time and become an annuity.

We have created this page to be a resource for all your needs when working with Pure Canopy Coffee and Tea Company Fundraising 365 program. Your supporters simply shop for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, mugs and other items that they enjoy every day of the year, and your organization builds funding.

Below you will find a tabbed section containing some of the most important elements with which we can support the launch and growth of your coffee program with us. We are wide open to suggestions as this is a partnership in success - Patrick Meyer Co-Founder - patrick@1redranger.com 

Starting to Raise Money Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

We'll create your custom landing page

We will quickly and professionally create a special "landing page" that you will link your patrons to. They will see they are at the right place and can immediately start shopping for delicious coffee to support your organization.

We ask that any favorite pictures or videos be send to patrick@purecanopy.com plus a short description of the goals of your fundraising. With this we can get started!

You can use the example email to announce!

In tab below we have an example letter which you can quickly cut and paste into your email for inspiration. You may use for social media and email and modify as needed. This is the fastest way to get the word out to your supporters if you have an email list started.

Attach the link for your custom landing page, that we create for you, to your email and other communications and you are up and running!

Spread the word on social & at your events...

Leverage your social media feeds to do an initial announcement and then make reminder posts on a regular basis. We suggest that you post at least twice a week for the first four weeks and then a couple times a month after.

When your supporters place orders we ship them directly so there is nothing for you to manage. You can focus on getting the word out and we focus on roasting and shipping amazing coffee

Please Use The Tabbed Support Assets Below

Introduction Sheet download - right click image below to save

Checklist Sheet - right click here or right click image below to save

Right click and "save as" to save images

Click image to expand, then right click any image and "save as" to your computer

Click image to expand, then right click any image and "save as" to your computer or access at Dropbox link tab ---->>>>